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A Luthier's Dream
The Universal Guitar Fret Slotter


Fretter 1  New Motorised AttachmentS 

This product is a Luthier's dream! An amazing fret slotting jig. Cut any scale length on any finger board for a fretted instrument. From small mandolins to a mighty 36 inch scale length six string bass guitar. Literally any fret scale length you can think of or invent!”

"We've now used the slotter for several fingerboards and it works a treat. It's great to finally have a jig on the market that enables anyone to slot a fingerboard of any scale length to a high degree of accuracy by hand.
It's the sort of jig we'd been planning to design for years; the unit is compact and sturdy, the movement smooth and definite and the vernier scale is clear and precise."
Phil Messer, Totnes School of Guitarmaking, Collins Road, Devon, England TQ9 5PJ, UK (More...)

"Amazing fret slotter... accuracy is amazing..... paves the way for a new range of instruments..."
Barry Owen, Luthier, Wolverhampton, U.K  (More...)

Hard to believe? This is how it works.

Just Announced...!

Here’s the new Heating Blanket Temperature Controller from Necx-Products developed originally for George Lowden’s workshops.